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Adjustable Bed Sheet Set Bridal Satin
GoldenRest®'s bridal satin adjustable bed sheet sets are custom made out of very fine acetate satin. The top side of the sheets are lustrous, while the bottom side is dull. 15 rich colors are available.

A reinforced center seam is present on all bridal satin sheets.

For most bed sizes, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillow cases will be provided. For twin sized beds, only 1 pillow case is provided and dual king sized sheets come with an extra fitted sheet.

GoldenRest®'s bridal satin sheet sets and all of their adjustable bed sheet sets include wings and anchor straps on the fitted sheet. The anchor straps keep the sheet in place and the wings make certain that the sheet stays tucked in, even when the adjustable bed is moved up or down.

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