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Reconditioned AmeriGlide Hercules II 600 Portable

Using a reconditioned platform lift makes mobility even more economical, since it can save you hundreds of dollars. Vertical platform lifts can be the ideal way to make a home or business accessible to those in wheelchairs. And if there's more than one place that needs this kind of accessibility, a portable option can make accessibility affordable and convenient. The Reconditioned Portable Hercules II 600 Vertical Platform Lift is reconditioned to work and look like brand new. It's designed to be your indoor or outdoor lift that's easily moved on casters from place to place as needed to allow people who use wheelchairs and scooters more mobility. A portability package has been added to the standard Hercules II 600, turning it from a high-quality permanent lift to a portable one. This vertical lift has a platform measuring 36" x 48" and a weight capacity of 600 pounds. Contact us today about your reconditioned, portable Hercules vertical lift!

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