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SilverBoom 250 | Internal Mobility Lifts

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  • Manufacturer: Pride Mobility Products
  • Model Number: LSSB250B1001
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SilverBoom 250
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The Pride SilverBoom 250 is an internal vehicle lift, where you have the option to pick the standard inline straight arm or an offset arm for a small added cost. The offset arm allows you to install the lift in SUVs and mini-vans. The SilverBoom 250 is waterproof, so even though it is an internal lift - it can be used in back of a truck.  


It also has an adjustable-length boom arm and a strap that is designed to prevent twisting. The SilverBoom features a warning on the strap so that the user knows the lift limit. This lift also ships fully assembled, so you can use it straight away!


The installation kit is highly recommended by customers and our staff. The kit helps people to install the lift around spare tires, any vehicle obstructions, or a wheel well. 

Product Specifications *
  • Lifts Up To: 250 lb
  • Power Source: Vehicle Battery
  • Minimum Opening: 30.5"
  • Boom Arm Rotation: Manual
  • Boom Arm Extension: Manual
  • Height Adjustable: Yes
  • Adjustable Base Legs: No
  • Controls: Wired Remote
* Specifications are subject to change.


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