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Power Wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs
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4 Medical Supplies is your online source for electric power wheelchairs from Pride and Golden. We offer Portable Power Wheelchairs, Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs and Center Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs.

Need help finding the right Power Wheelchair? Checkout our Power Wheelchair Buying Guide.

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  • Portable Power Wheelchairs

    Portable Power Wheelchairs

    Portable power wheelchairs are lighter, can be separated into multiple components, and have more compact bases than typical power wheelchairs. This makes them more convenient for travel when you frequently need to move from chair to vehicle and back again. The compact base also makes maneuvering much easier. Portable power wheelchairs from all manufacturers are listed here.
  • Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

    Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

    Rear wheel drive power wheelchairs have drive wheels located at the back of the chair. This makes rear wheel drive chairs easier to drive in a straight line and they often have higher top speeds compared to other power wheelchair designs. However, they are not as maneuverable as center wheel drive chairs and cannot handle the curbs and steep slopes that a center wheel drive chair can. Rear wheel drive power wheelchairs from all manufacturers are listed here.
  • Center Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

    Center Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

    Center wheel (or mid wheel) drive power wheelchairs offer users enhanced maneuverability by placing the drive wheels in center of the chair. This greatly shortens the turning radius of chair making it easier to use indoors. In addition, center wheel drive chairs are better able to climb curbs. However, they are more difficult to drive in a straight line and thus have lower top speeds. Center wheel drive power wheelchairs from all manufacturers are listed here.
  • Golden Power Wheelchairs

    Golden Power Wheelchairs

    Golden Technologies currently has one power wheelchair model in each class: foldable, portable, rear wheel drive, center wheel drive, and heavy duty. Their power wheelchairs are built with top-of-the-line components and are designed for both performance and comfort.
  • Pride Jazzy Power Wheelchairs

    Pride Jazzy Power Wheelchairs

    Pride Mobility's Jazzy series of power wheelchairs are known as "America's #1 power chair". They are popular because they excel in so many areas. These area include reliability, ease of use, maneuverability, and versatility. The 10 Jazzy models give you an incredibly large choice of power chairs to choose from and models with weight capacities of up to 650 pounds are available. The "Jet" and "Go Chair" from Pride Mobility are also listed here.


How to Choose a Power Wheelchair

At 4 Med Supplies, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. There are many choices when it comes to choosing the right power wheelchair for yourself, a loved one or for someone you are trying to help. As a result, the following guide may be of help. Also, and of equal importance, we have Call Centers across the country with qualified personnel that can help you make the right choices as well. Don’t hesitate to call (800) 736-5067.

There are hundreds of power wheelchairs to choose from. The personal situation and requirements of the person who will be using the power wheelchair will help you eliminate the ones that don’t apply to you.

There are folding power wheelchairs, portable ones, rear wheel drive, center wheel drive and a multiplicity of manufacturers to choose from.

Size of Rider How large or small, tall or short the rider is will eliminate as well as refine your choices. For example, the weight capacity for most portable power wheelchairs is 250 lbs. while center drive power wheelchairs can have as much as a 450lb capacity.

Where and how will the chair be used:

  • Is the power chair to be used inside only? If so, turning radius, size and maneuverability are important.
  • Is it to be used inside and outside? Are the surfaces it will be used on hard or irregular? The combination of wheel size, speed, maneuverability, function (such as the height of a curb the chair can maneuver) make for some compromises. Once again, speaking with one of our representatives in our call centers will prove useful.
  • Tires There are two types of electric wheelchair tires, pneumatic and solid tires. Pneumatic tires are air filled and normally will have a smoother ride. Solid tires are just that, rather than filled with air, they are solid. Solid tires provide for a harder ride but don’t have flats.

Plans for Transporting How your power wheelchair will be transported is one of the primary factors. You can get a good deal of information regarding wheelchair carriers by clicking on this link. What is important here is to choose a power wheelchair that will accommodate whatever mode of transportation you have in mind. Factors that affect your decision are:

  • Take apart vs. standard power wheelchair - If your transporting options are limited, you may want to choose a power chair that can be taken apart and transported in the trunk of your vehicle or in the back seat. If this isn’t feasible, you should consider the type of vehicle you have.
  • Type of vehicle - Depending upon whether you plan on transporting your chair inside your vehicle or outside of it, there are many factors that you should consider. How big is it? What is it’s suspension like? What is its tongue weight?
  • Manufacturer Preference - We have products from many different manufacturers to choose from including Pride and Golden. If you have a specific preference, we should be able to accommodate your needs.
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