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Mobility Accessories

Mobility Accessories
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We offer a tremendous range of mobility accessories designed to make life easier with your mobility scooter, power wheelchair, manual wheelchair, or rolling walker. We offer various mobility bags, GEL and AGM mobility batteries, canopies, covers, equipment holders, and trays.

  • Mobility Armrest Bags

    Mobility Armrest Bags

    Mobility armrest bags fit on to the armrest of your manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, or mobility scooter giving you added space to store and organize your valuables.
  • Mobility Batteries

    Mobility Batteries

    Find replacement batteries for nearly all power wheelchairs and mobility scooters here. We carry non-spillable, sealed GEL and AGM batteries in sizes from small 7 amp batteries to giant Group 27 batteries.
  • Mobility Body Protection

    Mobility Body Protection

    The items here are made to keep your clothes clean and your body warm as you travel in your power wheelchair or mobility scooter.
  • Mobility Canopies

    Mobility Canopies

    Canopies attach to your power wheelchair or mobility scooter giving you protection from the elements. Kits are available for nearly every wheelchair and scooter model on the market.
  • Mobility Chargers

    Mobility Chargers

    Compatible with virtually every 24V power wheelchair and scooter battery system on the market, these chargers keep your batteries in peak condition.
  • Mobility Covers

    Mobility Covers

    Choose a cover from our inventory and keep your power wheelchair or mobility scooter protected as you travel with it on the back of your vehicle or while it sits outside your home when not in use.
  • Mobility Equipment Holders

    Mobility Equipment Holders

    If you are looking for a way to conveniently carry an oxygen tank, crutches, a cane, a walker, or other aid, then look here. We carry a variety of holders for both power wheelchairs and mobility scooters.
  • Mobility Seatback Bags

    Mobility Seatback Bags

    Seatback bags for nearly any mobility device are available. These bags give you storage space from around that of a book bag to enough to carry groceries or laundry.
  • Mobility Tiller Bags

    Mobility Tiller Bags

    Mobility tiller bags attach to the front or back of your mobility scooter's tiller giving you additional storage space for your things.
  • Mobility Trays

    Mobility Trays

    We carry trays for manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and mobility scooters. They attach to the armrests of your mobility device giving you a stable surface for eating, writing, playing games, etc. Some models even fold out of the way when not in use.
  • Mobility Underseat Storage

    Mobility Underseat Storage

    Underseat storage bags attach to the bottom of most power wheelchair and mobility scooter seats. This gives you a storage area that is less obvious to others.
  • Mobility Walker Bags

    Mobility Walker Bags

    Walker bags attach to the side or front of your walker or rollator giving you an area to store your valuables while you're on the move.


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