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Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs
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Lift Chairs by Manufacturer

  • Accessories


    We carry lift chair tables, pads, partial covers, full covers, and cleaning kits.

  • Pride Lift Chairs

    Pride Lift Chairs

    Lift chairs from Pride come in a wide variety of styles so you don't have to compromise when it comes to buying your chair. Choose lift chairs ranging from value-priced Classic Collection to infinite position Specialty Collection models.
  • Golden Lift Chairs

    Golden Lift Chairs

    Start with the plush Comforter series, move to the incredible infinite position MaxiComfort models, or even take a scenic detour to the Signature and Traditional Series - whatever road you travel your reward will be lift chair performance and value.
  • US Medical Supplies Lift Chairs

    US Medical Supplies Lift Chairs

    US Medical Supplies' series of lift recliners offers luxury and dependability at a price that practically anyone can afford. Every USM liftchair is equipped with a full chaise pad and backed by a one-year in-home service warranty.

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  • Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

    Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

    Zero Gravity lift chairs from Golden Technologies relieve stress on your spine by placing your back in a neutral, "zero-g" position. Experience the comfort that you deserve while maintaining your mobility.

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Lift Chairs by Type

2 Position Lift Chairs

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3 Position Lift Chairs

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Almost Full Recline

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

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Full Recline

Narrow Your Search
Confused about what "2 Position", "3 Position", "Infinite Position", and "Zero Gravity" mean? Although these terms are standard among lift chair manufacturers, they tend to undersell the 2 position lift chairs and 3 position lift chairs. This is because both 2 position and 3 position chairs can be put in any position from sitting straight up to their maximum recline.

So what's the difference? Simply put, a 3 position chair reclines further back than a 2 position chair. An infinite position chair reclines even further back, and the back and foot operate independently of each other. A Zero Gravity lift chair can actually put you in a position where your feet are above your heart in addition to doing everything an infinite position chair can do.

What chair should I buy? Well, a 2 position chair is great if you only plan to use your chair for reading or watching TV. A 3 position chair is great for those activities, as well as catching a nap. If you want to sleep in your chair or need to improve your circulation, then an infinite position lift chair or Zero Gravity lift chair is best.


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