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Medicare & Lift Chairs

Medicare does not cover the entire cost of a lift chair, but often will reimburse you for the seat lift mechanism inside the lift chair you purchase. Medicare rules are fairly strict on this issue. The following was downloaded from the medicare.gov website:

  • In order for Medicare to cover the seat lift mechanism, the insured must be unable to independently stand from any chair in their home. However, once in an upright position, they must be able to walk without assistance. It is important to note that this must be true of all chairs in the home and not only a specific chair.
  • The Insured must also have a severe case of arthritis or neuromuscular disease that affects the knee or hip. The lift chair must be a prescribed part of the treatment of this condition and requires a doctors prescription and a Certificate of Medical Necessity.
  • The lifting mechanism itself must be electronically controlled and operate smoothly and gently, allowing the insured to operate the chair without outside assistance. Spring lifting mechanisms are not covered.
  • If you do qualify, we can provide you with a receipt of purchase and a Certificate of Medical Necessity. The certificate will need to be filled in by your doctor. For more information on this process, please give us your name and number below and we will contact you shortly.

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