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December 30th, ,2011 - Mesa, AZ – 4 Medical Supplies, an online retailer of mobility lifts and mobility aids for the disabled and elderly, is pleased to announce their newest product offering: the AmeriGlide Vesta!

“When we first heard about the development of the AmeriGlide Vesta, we were immediately interested in the new product,” says Jerry Graham, the Vice-President of Sales for 4-Medical Supplies. “Now that we have the Vesta in our hands, we can safely say that this is the stair lift of the future.” 

The AmeriGlide Vesta is AmeriGlide’s newest rack and pinion stair lift. It features a rechargeable DC battery, an industry-leading warranty, and multiple fail safes to make sure that you or your loved one get to the floor that they need to with peace of mind.

“Everything about the Vesta just screams top of the line material, from its 24-volt motor to its 300-pound weight capacity,” Goldblum adds. “It’s definitely the stair lift that you want to have today!”

The AmeriGlide Vesta will be made available in early 2012 with pricing starting at $1,949.00.

About 4 Medical Supplies:

4 Medical Supplies is an online retailer of mobility lifts for the disabled and elderly. Their product catalog includes stair lifts, lift chairs, mobility scooters, and much more. For more information please visit their website today: www.4-medical-supplies.com.



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