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AmeriGlide Bathtub Roll-In Conversion Kit

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  • Manufacturer: US Medical
  • Model Number: BATH-ROLL
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USM Bathtub Roll-In Conversion Kit
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USM’s Bathtub Roll-In Conversion Kit will adapt your existing tub in order to accommodate wheelchair users. This conversion kit has been designed to meet ADA guidelines for rise and run and can help you clear heights of up to 4 inches.   Once the kit has been successfully installed, both mobility challenged ambulatory users and wheelchair bound users can safely enter and exit the tub.  

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The USM Shower Roll-In Conversion Kit takes about 2 hours to install, and is usable after 24 hours have passed.  This conversion kit is compatible  with any kind of tub shell - even steel and fiberglass! Conversions can also be performed on garden tubs and jacuzzi tubs! 


NOTE: Installation is not included

Product Specifications *
  • Min Opening Width Created: 24"
  • Max Opening Width Created: 32"
  • Max Tub Wall Height: 19"
  • Max Floor Height Difference: 4"
  • Step Height Created: N/A - Ramp Created
  • Shower Chair Accessible?: Yes
  • Bathing Still Possible?: No
  • Showering Still Possible?: Yes
* Specifications are subject to change.


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