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Titan Incline Platform Lift - Incline Platform Lifts

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  • Manufacturer: AmeriGlide
  • Model Number: TITAN IPL500
Titan Incline Platform Lift - Residential
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Titan Incline Platform Lifts work well when a normal stair lift just isn't enough and a vertical platform lift doesn't fit in a residential setting. With the optional integrated seat and 500 pound weight capacity, it is user-friendly and carries a wide range of manual wheelchairs. In addition, the weight of the lift is supported by the stairs, meaning that no wall modifications are needed. This saves times and keeps the cost of installation down.

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Product Specifications *
  • Drive Type: Rack and worm gear / 24 VDC
  • Battery Powered: Yes
  • Self Installable: No
  • Basic Installation Included: Yes
  • Standard Capacity: 500 lb
  • Max Track Length, Standard: 16'
  • Max Track Length, Optional: 40'
  • Swivel Seat: No
  • Flip-Up Seat: No
  • Flip-Up Armrests: No
  • Constant Pressure Controls: Yes
  • Footrest Safety Sensor: Yes
  • Unit Footprint, Parked: 13"
  • Call Stations Included: Wireless
  • Digital Diagnostics Display: No
  • Key Lock: No
* Specifications are subject to change.


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