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Stain Remover Kit by Crypton

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  • Manufacturer: Crypton Care
  • Model Number: CryptonCareKit
Stain Remover Kit
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Do you have a lift chair with a stain? Perhaps it's another piece of furniture with ink spots or a wine spill that you just can't seem to get out. Are your sheets in need of a touch up, too? Look no further than this Stain Remover Kit by Crypton. It'll get out virtually any stain from any water-washable fabric (don't use on dry-clean only fabrics). Included in this kit are Purple and Gold stain removers and Green freshener and disinfectant. The Purple and Gold stain removers each excel at removing different types of stains, but can be used in combination for total stain removal power. A soft bristled brush is also included in the kit.
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