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GoldenRest 600 TC Pima Cotton Adjustable Bed Sheet Set

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  • Manufacturer: GoldenRest
  • Model Number: T-600
Adjustable Bed Pima Cotton Sheet Set 600 TC
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GoldenRest®'s 600 Thread Count Pima cotton adjustable bed sheets are extremely comfortable and will work with most adjustable beds.

The fibers in Pima cotton are longer than regular cotton, resulting in a much finer thread. The combination of a high thread count and Pima cotton, results in one of the softest sets of sheets available for an adjustable bed.

For most adjustable bed sizes, 2 pillow cases, 1 flat sheet, and 1 fitted sheet is included. Twin bed sheet sets, however, only come with 1 pillow case and Dual King sheet sets come with an extra fitted sheet.

As is the case with all GoldenRest® adjustable bed sheet sets, anchor straps are sewn into the corner of the fitted sheets. These elastic straps help ensure the fitted sheet stays firmly in place.

Wings, which are extra pieces of fabric that keeps the sheets tucked in, are also added to the side of the fitted sheets.

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