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Pickup 225 Speed Truck Lift | Internal Mobility Lifts

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  • Manufacturer: Harmar Mobility
  • Model Number: AL825
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  • Shown in Pickup Bed in Use

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Harmar AL825 Lift
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The Pickup 225 Speed Truck Lift is the perfect solution for pickup truck owners that don't need the 350 lbs. capacity of the Pickup HD 350 and want a faster cycle time. The Pickup 225 Speed Truck Lift provides ample clearance and reach with one less motor than the competition, meaning fewer buttons and simpler operation. This model is equipped with a newly designed anti-rotate strap system and compact base for a better fit in the truck bed. This convenient lift brings the manual wheelchair, scooter or power chair right to the driver's or passenger's side door. The Pickup 225 Speed Truck Lift easily loads virtually any mobility device available into the bed of your pickup truck and unloads it to the driver or passenger side door. An optional wireless remote control makes the Pickup 225 Speed Truck Lift fully functional from within the cab!
Product Specifications *
  • Accomodates: Standard and Extended Cab Trucks
  • Mobility Devices: Manual Chairs, Scooters and Small Power Chairs up to 225 lbs.
  • Adjustable Boom Height Min: 34"
  • Adjustable Boom Height Max: 41"
  • Adjustable Boom Length Min: 28.75"
  • Adjustable Boom Length Max: 46.5"
  • Lifting Weight Capacity: 225 lb
  • Installed Weight: 116 lb
  • Docking Device: Included
* Specifications are subject to change.


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