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Primus Toilet Bidet Seat by Spaloo

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  • Manufacturer: Spaloo
  • Model Number: Primus
Primus Toilet Bidet Seat
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No more toilet paper, no more mess, no more unclean hands and unsanitary conditions. The Spaloo Primus, like the Classic II, frees you from the cleaning methods of the past by using only water. This cuts down greatly on the potential to spread bacteria or viruses and wasted paper products and sewage treatment. Overall, you will feel cleaner and far more comfortable using a Spaloo.

The Spaloo Primus includes a remote control that makes it easier to use for everyone.
Product Specifications *
  • Heated Wash Water: Yes
  • Adjustable Water Temperature: Yes
  • Adjustable Water Pressure: Yes
  • Adjustable Nozzle Position: Yes
  • Heated Seat: Yes
  • Adjustable Seat Temperature: Yes
  • Dryer: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Power Save Mode: Yes
  • Deodorizer: Yes
  • Cleaning Modes: Automatic, Manual
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lb
  • Power Cord Length: 4'
  • Water Source: Direct Connection to Water Line
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor
* Specifications are subject to change.


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