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  • Manufacturer: Golden Technologies
  • Model Number: GB-117D
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  • Remove Seat
  • Remove Battery
  • Delta Tiller Down
  • Frame Disassembly
  • Disassembled
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Golden Buzzaround XL-3 Wheel Scooter
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What makes the 3-Wheel Golden Buzzaround XL different? The Golden Buzzaround XL is larger than the Buzzaround Lite, giving you more foot room for a full day of travel without discomfort.
What are the 3-Wheel Golden Buzzaround Featuring a larger frame, a Delta Steering Tiller, and a plush stadium seat with adjustable height and width armrests, the Golden Buzzaround XL improves on the already superb Buzzaround Lite. Whether you are a larger customer or just prefer more foot room, the Buzzaround XL has you covered. Additional features include a conveniently located charger port, non-scuffing tires, shiny silver wheel rims, and automobile grade carpeting on the scooter's platform.
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