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Toilet Seat Lifts

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We offer toilet lifts in assist and powered versions.

Assist lifts help you in getting up and down, but you still must do most of the work.

  • Uplift Commode Assist is a self-powered, lifting commode chair that helps you stand up by yourself after using the commode or toilet, so that you keep your independence and privacy. Commode Assist can be used standalone, or over the toilet. For safety, it automatically locks into position when fully depressed.

Powered toilet lifts use motors for lifting and are great where the user needs the most help.

  • The Tush Push is the only portable electric toilet lift made available today. It is also less than half the cost of most of it's competitors. So, if you have lost the body strength to get up from the toilet, then our Tush Push is definately the right solution for you.
  • The Tush Push 2 uses 2 motors for increased lifting power. This model offers 350+ lbs of lifting capability.
  • Battery options are available on both Tush Push models. If you don't have an outlet in your bathroom - no problem!


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