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Why Purchase an AmeriGlide Vertical Platform Lift?

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If you or someone you care about is suffering from a lack of mobility your quality of life is being affected. Height differences in a home or work environment present issues we never thought about before.

Vertical platform lifts (abbreviated as VPLs) can be used to overcome height differences as little as two feet to as much as twelve feet.  Both inside VPLs and outside VPLs are available. Unlike stairlifts, VPLs can be used by wheelchair and electric scooter users.  Like a ramp, it transports both the device and the person but without the expense and time to build. Additionally, vertical platform lifts are attractive unlike unwieldy and unsightly ramps.

Home is where the heart is. Certainly one of the biggest challenges of a mobility impairment is just getting around an existing home. Challenges arise that weren’t a problem before. Looking for a new home can be discouraging because of the limitations it puts on the selections available. An AmeriGlide vertical platform lift virtually eliminates these problems.

With AmeriGlide's vertical platform lifts, there's no need to limit your lifestyle any longer. All our vertical platform lifts offer smooth, quiet performance and are lightweight and dependable. Whether you need a lift for residential use, a commercial application, or if portability is your primary concern, we have a platform lift for you.

AmeriGlide Vertical Platform Lifts in Action




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