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Wheelchair Stair Climber

Have clients or customers who arrive in their manual wheelchairs, but you aren't sure of the best way to provide safe, comfortable access up and down the stairs at your location? Have you looked at platform lifts and incline lift, but they are either too expensive or too difficult to install? The AmeriGlide Wheelchair Stair Climber is your solution!

The AmeriGlide Wheelchair Stair Climber is so easy because there is zero installation involved. Simply have a trained operator (which would be necessary with any type of lift) clip in the wheelchair user and their manual wheelchair into the unit and you can guide them at a safe speed, up or down stairs. And because the the Wheelchair Stair Climber keeps the customer at an upright angle throughout the process, they will fill comfortable and secure at all times. Call us today to find out how the AmeriGlide Wheelchair Stair Climber can be the solution to your accessibility needs!

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