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Golden Lift Chairs

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  • Comforter Lift Chairs

    Comforter Lift Chairs

    The Comforter lift chair from Golden is available in ten different sizes so that you don't have to compromise when it comes to your comfort. Whatever size you decide on, you will be treated to a lift chair that offers fantastic lumbar support as well as a full chaise pad. You'll be able to relax from head to toe in your Comforter!
  • MaxiComfort Lift Chairs

    MaxiComfort Lift Chairs

    MaxiComfort infinite position lift chairs offer more positions and goes further back than any other lift chair on the market. Choose from the 505 in three different sizes, the stylish Milan, or go for the ultimate in comfort with the Relaxer.
  • Signature Lift Chairs

    Signature Lift Chairs

    Signature lift chairs from Golden break the mold of lift chair design with the sleekly styled Royal, the hidden treasure containing Regal, and the wall hugging Space Saver. When you want a little more excitement from your lift chair, choose a Signature!
  • Traditional Lift Chairs

    Traditional Lift Chairs

    Traditional lift chairs from Golden blur the line between lift chair design and the look of traditional furniture. Whether its the classic-style of the Williamsburg or the modern lines of the Pioneer, you'll be pleased with how well your Traditional lift chair blends in with your home's decor.
  • Value Lift Chairs

    Value Lift Chairs

    Value lift chairs from Golden are a striking example of Golden's dedication to bringing you lift chair comfort at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Choose from the Capri or Monarch models.
  • Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

    Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

    Zero Gravity lift chairs from Golden Technologies relieve stress on your spine by placing your back in a neutral, "zero-g" position. Experience the comfort that you deserve while maintaining your mobility.


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