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Battery Powered Stair Lifts - AmeriGlide Horizon Outdoor Lift

Stair Lifts
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  • Manufacturer: AmeriGlide
  • Model Number: PL-HORODPLUSKIT
AmeriGlide Horizon Plus- Outdoor Stair Lift
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The AmeriGlide Horizon Outdoor Stair Lift is the perfect tool to help you safely navigate outdoor obstacles. This model comes with more safety features and innovative design details than any other available model. You can enjoy the best in stair lift engineering and innovation, all for an incredible price that include an extensive warranty.

The outdoor version of the Horizon Stair Lift is unique because all of its components have been weatherized and waterproofed so that it can withstand the elements. All of the electronic parts and controls are thoroughly protected and guaranteed to last. This model also comes with a waterproof cover for both the seat and carriage, which adds another layer of protection and will ensure that your stair lift is always free of dirt and moisture.

In addition to being a great outdoor option, the Horizon Stair Lift is also the best when it comes to safety. This battery operated model comes with a security key switch that will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your lift, a retractable seat belt, a swivel seat and many other standard features that will provide you with a smooth and safe ride every time you climb your stairs.

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Outdoor Stair Lifts are not intended for use in snow and ice

* Connecticut, Michigan and Washington residents: Please check your local code requirements to ensure proper compliance.
Product Specifications *
  • Drive Type: Rack and Pinion with OSG control
  • Battery Powered: Yes
  • Self Installable: No
  • Basic Installation Included: Yes
  • Standard Capacity: 308 lb
  • Max Track Length, Standard: 14.75'
  • Max Track Length, Optional: 30'
  • Rail Angle, Min: 25°
  • Rail Angle, Max: 62°
  • Track Material: Aluminum Single Rail
  • Swivel Seat: Yes
  • Swivel Seat Rotation: Powered - Top Only
  • Flip-Up Seat: Yes
  • Flip-Up Armrests: Yes
  • Constant Pressure Controls: Yes
  • Footrest Safety Sensor: Yes
  • Seat Width, Min: 17.7"
  • Seat Width, Max: 22"
  • Unit Footprint, In Use: 24.8"
  • Unit Footprint, Parked: 13.5"
  • Digital Diagnostics Display: Yes
  • Call Stations Included: Yes
  • Key Lock: Yes
* Specifications are subject to change.


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Free In-Home Warranty doesn't apply to the AmeriGlide Traveler.

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