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Vertical Platform Lifts - AmeriGlide Coastal Vertical Cargo Lift

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  • Manufacturer: AmeriGlide
  • Model Number: AMGCVL250
AmeriGlide Coastal Vertical Cargo Lift
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The AmeriGlide Coastal Vertical Cargo Lift has been designed especially with raised coastal homes in mind. This powerful cargo lift can handle up to 250 pounds, allowing you to carry anything from luggage and groceries to building materials up and down the levels of your home or building. It is also built using non-corrosive material that will stand up to salt and harsh weather conditions, making it perfect both either indoor outdoor use. Finally, the pre-installed car and drive system will cut down significantly on installation time. To learn more about this unique product and other standard features, call us today and speak with an expert.
Product Specifications *
  • Lifting Capacity: 250 lb
  • Standard Lift Height: 126"
  • Arrives Assembled: Yes
  • Maximum Lift Height: 312"
  • Standard Drive System: AC Powered, belt driven winding cable / 90 VDC12 hp motor
  • Battery Powered Option: No
  • Constant Pressure Platform Controls: Yes
  • Standard Platform Size: 36″ x 24″ (91.4 cm x 61 cm) with 24″ (61 cm) high panels
  • Call-Send Controls: Wired call / send controls (constant pressure)
  • Lift Speed (FPM): 20
* Specifications are subject to change.


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