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AmeriGlide Hercules II 750 Portable Vertical Platform Lift

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  • Manufacturer: AmeriGlide
  • Model Number: AMGHERC-750PORT
AmeriGlide Hercules II 750 Portable
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If you have multiple places in your home or business where a platform lift would be convenient, then there's no need to install permanent lifts. Save money and time by choosing the Portable Hercules II 750 Vertical Platform Lift. It's virtually the same high-quality model as the Hercules II 750 but with an added package for portability that makes it extra convenient to use.

Casters let you easily move the lift to provide mobility in more than one location. Power chair and scooter users can safely use the lift with its weight limit of 750 pounds. It can also be used outdoors thanks to the weatherproof controls. Contact us now about getting a lift for your residence or business.

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